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Our MES and ERP Technologies

Kadir Tekin Otomotiv operates as a manufacturer of cable harnesses. In the field of production management, it utilizes MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) and MRP (Material Requirements Planning) software developed by 2 Adam Yazılım.

Kadir Tekin Otomotiv's MES solutions track all steps of the production processes and aim to improve efficiency, quality, and delivery performance. These solutions enable real-time monitoring of production data, optimization of production planning, and effective utilization of resources.

MES solutions make Kadir Tekin Otomotiv's production processes more proactive and flexible. Through the analysis of production data, improvement opportunities are identified, production errors and waste are reduced, and production capacity and efficiency are increased.

Kadir Tekin Otomotiv aims to gain a competitive advantage by making its production processes more efficient, effective, and sustainable through MES solutions. This enables a quick response to customer demands, optimization of production processes, and continuous improvement of product quality.

MES solutions ensure full integration within Kadir Tekin Otomotiv's production facilities. This enhances collaboration among all departments within the facilities, facilitates data sharing, and ensures the integrity of production processes.

Kadir Tekin Otomotiv strives to operate more competitively and sustainably by optimizing production processes through MES solutions. This helps increase customer satisfaction, elevate quality standards, and establish a leading position in the industry.

In addition, "2 Adam Yazılım," one of Kadir Tekin Otomotiv's partner companies, develops MES, MRP, and Scadam software. This software supports Kadir Tekin Otomotiv in all aspects of production management, including on-time delivery and achieving the "0 PPM" goal. The software also has positive effects in the area of MRP. Supplier, main industry order, and material requirement process management are also professionally executed. This enables Kadir Tekin Otomotiv to achieve its quality and growth objectives.