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  • 1970

    Kadir Tekin Automotive, established in 1970 by Kadir Tekin, is an automotive company specialized in the field of Car Electrical Equipment. The company is known for its expertise in troubleshooting and refurbishing electrical systems in cars. Until the 1980s, Kadir Tekin Automotive operated in the industry and conducted various interventions to ensure the proper functioning of electrical equipment in vehicles, as well as undertook projects for updating and modernizing the equipment. With a commitment to quality service and technical knowledge, Kadir Tekin Automotive provides reliable and innovative solutions to its customers.

  • 1985

    As technology advanced in the following years, Kadir Tekin Automotive expanded its expertise to include electric window systems, alarm systems, and vehicle air conditioning systems. With a focus on innovation and adaptation to changing market demands, the company conducted extensive research and development in these areas. They successfully implemented cutting-edge solutions and integrated the latest technologies into their products. Kadir Tekin Automotive became a trusted provider of high-quality and reliable electrical components for automotive applications, contributing to the comfort, convenience, and safety of vehicles.

  • 2003

    Kadir Tekin Automotive initiated its efforts in the production of wiring harnesses used in vehicles and established its first factory in Adana. The Adana factory was established to enhance the company's production capacity and provide better service to customers. The factory successfully carries out the production processes of wiring harnesses, ensuring the manufacturing of high-quality products in compliance with stringent standards. As a result, Kadir Tekin Automotive has become a significant player in the automotive industry by delivering reliable and premium wiring harnesses to its customers.

  • 2007

    In order to conduct more professional operations and provide widespread services, Kadir Tekin Automotive established its second factory in İzmir in 2007. The İzmir factory was strategically established to expand the company's production capacity and geographical reach. With state-of-the-art facilities and advanced technologies, the İzmir factory enables Kadir Tekin Automotive to deliver even higher quality wiring harnesses and meet the growing demands of the automotive industry. The establishment of the İzmir factory further solidifies Kadir Tekin Automotive's position as a leading provider of wiring harness solutions, catering to the needs of customers both domestically and internationally.

  • 2009

    In 2009, our founder Kadir Tekin passed away, and as the second generation, Osman Tekin took over the management of the company. Osman Tekin holds a Master's degree in Computer Engineering. With his expertise and leadership, he continues to lead the company towards further growth and success. Under Osman Tekin's guidance, the company has continued to innovate and expand its operations, maintaining the legacy left by its founder and ensuring a bright future for Kadir Tekin Otomotiv.

  • 2012

    Our joint venture company, "2 Adam Software Co.," has developed a specialized SCADA software for Kadir Tekin Otomotiv focusing on production management. This software tracks all steps of the production management process and is designed to ensure on-time delivery and achieve a "0 PPM" (parts per million) target, thereby driving the company towards its quality and growth objectives.